JAX BXD Hippocampal Proteome (Feb19)

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A total of 244 male and female mice (Female: n=214; Male: n=30) from 40 BXD recombinant inbred strains were used in this study (2-37.1 mo; 15.94 ± 5.6 mo) aimed to understand changes to the hippocampal proteome across lifespan in a genetically diverse mouse population. Mice were group housed (2–5 per cage) and maintained in colony housing (12-hour light/dark cycle) with ad libitum access to water and fed either standard laboratory diet or high-fat diet (n=125 standard diet; n=119 HFD).

Data files available at https://files.genenetwork.org/current/GN873/

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Whole hippocampus (single hemisphere)

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SWATH Mass Spectrometry on the TripleTOF


Catherine Kaczorowski

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BXD Hippocampal Proteome