JAX Retina (Apr18) RNA-Seq log2-Z

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RNA-seq analysis from young and pre-glaucomatous DBA/2J retinal ganglion cells and control (age and sex-matched, D2-Gpnmb+) retinal ganglion cells

Experiment design

Retinal ganglion cell mRNA from 4 month (young) and 9 month (pre-glaucomatous) DBA/2J mice and age and sex-matched D2-Gpnmb+ controls

About platform

GPL17021Illumina HiSeq 2500 (Mus musculus)


  • Williams PA, Harder JM, Foxworth NE, Cochran KE et al. Vitamin B3 modulates mitochondrial vulnerability and prevents glaucoma in aged mice. Science 2017 Feb 17;355(6326):756-760. PMID: 28209901

Specifics of this data set

RNA-Seq log2 Z-Score

In general, the array data that we put in GeneNetwork has been logged and then z normalized, but instead of leaving the mean at 0 and the standard deviation of 1 unit, we shift up to a mean of 8 units and increase the spread by having an standard deviation of 2 units (what we call 2Z + 8 normalized data).  This removes negative values from the tables.