UMUTAffy Hippocampus Exon (Feb09) RMA

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Data generated by RW Williams, Lu Lu, Manjunatha Jagalur, and David Kulp. All arrays run at the VA Medical Center, Memphis, by Yan Jiao.

Data entered by Arthur Centeno and Manju Jagalur, Feb 27, 2009. This data set modified data for two BXD strains. Data were added for BXD79 that had been incorrectly included as a striatum sample (this data set was therefore deleted from the Exon 1.0ST striatum data set). We also changed data for BXD39. As expected, this addition and correction improved QTL mapping values. For example, for Kcnj9 probe set 4519178 the LRS values increased from 103.3 in the Aug08 data to 115.7 for these Feb09 data. Rob is concerned about the high error term of BXD39.

About cases

Index Original CEL Tube ID Strain Age Sex Source
1 JR3551H.CEL jr3551h C57BL/6J 60 F UTM RW
2 JR3552H.CEL jr3552hre C57BL/6J 60 F UTM RW
3 R0572H.CEL r0572h C57BL/6J 69 F  
4 R2137H.CEL r2137h C57BL/6J 55 F JAX
5 R3552H.CEL r3552h C57BL/6J 60 F Glenn
6 JR3549H.CEL jr3549h C57BL/6J 60 M UTM RW
7 JR3550H.CEL jr3550hre C57BL/6J 60 M UTM RW
8 R0574H.CEL r0574h C57BL/6J 69 M  
9 R2136H.CEL r2136h C57BL/6J 55 M JAX
10 R3549H.CEL r3549h C57BL/6J 60 M Glenn
11 JR3557H.CEL jr3557h DBA/2J 60 F UTM RW
12 JR3558H.CEL jr3558hre DBA/2J 60 F UTM RW
13 R3558H.CEL r3558h DBA/2J 60 F Glenn
14 JR3555H.CEL jr3555h DBA/2J 60 M UTM RW
15 JR3556H.CEL jr3556h DBA/2J 60 M UTM RW
16 R3555H.CEL r3555h DBA/2J 60 M Glenn
17 R3497H.CEL r3497h B6D2F1 58 F Glenn
18 R3500H.CEL r3500h B6D2F1 58 M Glenn
19 R1374H.CEL r1374h D2B6F1 58 F UTM RW
20 R1382H.CEL r1382h D2B6F1 59 M UTM RW
21 R3532H.CEL r3532h 129S1/SvImJ 60 F Glenn
22 R3512H.CEL r3512h 129S1/SvImJ 59 M Glenn
23 R3520H.CEL r3520h A/J 59 F Glenn
24 R3523H.CEL r3523h A/J 59 M Glenn
25 R3514H.CEL r3514h AKR/J 59 F Glenn
26 R3515H.CEL r3515h AKR/J 59 M Glenn
27 R3508H.CEL r3508h BALB/cByJ 59 F Glenn
28 R3505H.CEL r3505h BALB/cByJ 59 M Glenn
29 R3524H.CEL r3524h BTBR T+ tf/J 60 F Glenn
30 R3509H.CEL r3509h BTBR T+ tf/J 60 M Glenn
31 R1542H.CEL r1542h BXD1 59 F Glenn
32 R1520H.CEL r1520h BXD2 56 F Glenn
33 R1694H.CEL r1694h BXD5 58 M Glenn
34 R3454H.CEL r3454h BXD6 58 M Glenn
35 R3457H.CEL r3457h BXD8 61 F Glenn
36 R3455H.CEL r3455h BXD9 60 M Glenn
37 R3462H.CEL r3462h BXD11 59 M Glenn
38 R3464H.CEL r3464h BXD12 59 F Glenn
39 R2315H.CEL r2315h BXD13 84 M UTM RW
40 R3480H.CEL r3480h BXD14 60 F Glenn
41 R3478H.CEL r3478h BXD15 60 M Glenn
42 R3482H.CEL r3482h BXD16 59 F Glenn
43 R3488H.CEL r3488h BXD18 59 M Glenn
44 R3471H.CEL r3471h BXD19 60 M Glenn
45 R2506H.CEL r2506h BXD20 60 M Glenn
46 R3490H.CEL r3490h BXD21 60 F Glenn
47 R3492H.CEL r3492h BXD22 60 F Glenn
48 R3486H.CEL r3486h BXD23 60 F Glenn
49 R1547H.CEL r1547h BXD24 59 M Glenn
50 R2892H.CEL r2892h BXD25 67 F UTM RW
51 R3485H.CEL r3485h BXD27 60 M Glenn
52 R3477H.CEL r3477h BXD28 60 F Glenn
53 R3475H.CEL r3475h BXD29 60 F Glenn
54 R3456H.CEL r3456h BXD31 60 M Glenn
55 R3570H.CEL r3570h BXD32 66 F  
56 R3571H.CEL r3571h BXD32 58 M  
57 R3467H.CEL r3467h BXD33 59 M Glenn
58 R3466H.CEL r3466h BXD34 60 F Glenn
59 R3463H.CEL r3463h BXD36 61 F Glenn
60 R3458H.CEL r3458h BXD38 55 M Glenn
61 JR4433H.CEL jr4433sa BXD39 63 F UTM RW
62 R1535H.CEL r1535h BXD39 60 F Glenn
63 R3459H.CEL r3459h BXD40 60 M Glenn
64 R1541H.CEL r1541h BXD42 58 F Glenn
65 R1279H.CEL r1279h BXD43 57 M UTM RW
66 R1472H.CEL r1472h BXD45 65 M UTM RW
67 R1586H.CEL r1586h BXD48 59 F UTM RW
68 R2936H.CEL r2936h BXD50 61 F UTM RW
69 R1313H.CEL r1313h BXD51 62 M UTM RW
70 JR2680H.CEL jr2680h BXD55 65 M UTM RW
71 R1340H.CEL r1340h BXD60 64 F UTM RW
72 R1856H.CEL r1856h BXD61 94 M UTM RW
73 R1317H.CEL r1317h BXD62 59 F UTM RW
74 R1945H.CEL r1945h BXD63 107 F UTM RW
75 R2615H.CEL r2615h BXD64 68 F UTM RW
76 R3567H.CEL r3567h BXD65 60 F UTRW
77 R1949H.CEL r1949h BXD66 96 M UTM RW
78 R2060H.CEL r2060h BXD67 54 F UTM RW
79 R2902H.CEL r2902h BXD68 57 M UTM RW
80 R1466H.CEL r1466h BXD69 59 F UTM RW
81 R2063H.CEL r2063h BXD70 55 M UTM RW
82 R1269H.CEL r1269h BXD73 72 M UTM RW
83 JR2316H.CEL jr2316hre BXD74 193 M UTM RW
84 R1871H.CEL r1871h BXD75 61 F UTM RW
85 JR1948H.CEL jr1948h BXD76 81 F UTM RW
86 R1427H.CEL r1427h BXD77 61 M UTM RW
87 JR4434H.CEL jr4434sare BXD79 63 F UTM RW
88 R3568H.CEL r3568h BXD80 66 M UTRW
89 R2959H.CEL r2959h BXD83 58 F UTM RW
90 R2898H.CEL r2898h BXD84 67 M UTM RW
91 R3566H.CEL r3566h BXD85 65 M UTRW
92 R1556H.CEL r1556h BXD86 57 F UTM RW
93 R1710H.CEL r1710h BXD87 84 M UTM RW
94 JR4079H.CEL jr4079hre BXD89 63 M UTM RW
95 R2058H.CEL r2058h BXD90 61 F UTM RW
96 R1284H.CEL r1284h BXD92 58 M UTM RW
97 JR2057H.CEL jr2057h BXD93 92 F UTM RW
98 JR2313H.CEL jr2313h-re BXD94 59 F UTM RW
99 R1915H.CEL r1915h BXD96 65 F UTM RW
100 R2648H.CEL r2648h BXD97 74 F UTM RW
101 R1942H.CEL r1942h BXD98 62 F UTM RW
102 R1369H.CEL r1369h BXD99 76 M UMemphis
103 R2889H.CEL r2889h BXSB/MpJ 61 F Glenn
104 R2887H.CEL r2887h BXSB/MpJ 61 M Glenn
105 R3501H.CEL r3501h C3H/HeJ 60 F Glenn
106 R3504H.CEL r3504h C3H/HeJ 60 M Glenn
107 R3564H.CEL r3564h CAST/EiJ 57 F Glenn
108 R3565H.CEL r3565h CAST/EiJ 61 M Glenn
109 R3493H.CEL r3493h FVB/NJ 60 F Glenn
110 R3496H.CEL r3496h FVB/NJ 60 M Glenn
111 JR1683H.CEL jr1683h KK/HlJ 72 F UTM RW
112 JR3542H.CEL jr3542hre KK/HlJ 61 M UTM RW
113 JR2046H.CEL jr2046hre LG/J 63 F UTM RW
114 JR2047H.CEL jr2047h LG/J 63 M UTM RW
115 R3541H.CEL r3541h MOLF/EiJ 60 F Glenn
116 R3553H.CEL r3553h MOLF/EiJ 60 M Glenn
117 R3516H.CEL r3516h NOD/LtJ 58 F Glenn
118 R3519H.CEL r3519h NOD/LtJ 58 M Glenn
119 R3554H.CEL r3554h NZB/BlNJ 61 F Glenn
120 R3513H.CEL r3513h NZB/BlNJ 58 M Glenn
121 R3539H.CEL r3539h NZO/HlLtJ 60 F Glenn
122 R3536H.CEL r3536h NZO/HlLtJ 60 M Glenn
123 R3540H.CEL r3540h NZW/LacJ 65 F Glenn
124 R3535H.CEL r3535h NZW/LacJ 60 M Glenn
125 R3527H.CEL r3527h PWD/PhJ 60 F Glenn
126 R3526H.CEL r3526h PWD/PhJ 60 M Glenn
127 R3531H.CEL r3531h PWK/PhJ 60 M Glenn
128 R3561H.CEL r3561h WSB/EiJ 60 F Glenn
129 R3525H.CEL r3525h WSB/EiJ 60 M Glenn

About data processing

The following steps were applied to refine the data by M. Jagalur in RWW lab:

  1. Strain correction: In this step the strong probe level cis-QTLs were identified and using an expectation maximization (EM)-like method, the genotypes of each marker was re-assigned. This set of reassigned markers was compared to existing list genotypes of BXD strains and the maximal match was identified as the correct strain.
  2. Sex correction: In this step probes that are highly correlated to sex were identified and using an EM-like method we detected and corrected the sex of single array data sets.
  3. Data exclusion criteria: In this step individual arrays were evaluated. Arrays were systematically excluded from the data set (drop one out) and the number of cis-QTLs was recomputed. If excluding an array resulted in s significantly higher number of cis-QTLs then that array was considered to be of poor quality and was excluded from the final data set This step was repeated across all arrays in multiple cycles until there was no improvement in number of cis-QTLs.
  4. Tissue correction: In this step probes that are highly correlated to tissue type were identified and EM-like method was used to identify correct tissue.
  5. Noise Removal: A noise component was calculated using the expression of "unhybridized"probes (those with the lowest signal) and was removed from the data.


We thank Affymetrix Inc. for their generous support of this project and array data set.